Professor Rudolf Slavicek has been the soul, mind and backbone of VieSID. In honoring his legacy, we of the VieSID faculty, embrace the responsibility of representing him and expanding upon his extensive knowledge. At the same time, we will remain receptive to novelties and advancements in technology, thus ensuring a continued growth and evolution of VieSID.

Hence, it is a great honor to announce, that from this year Dr. Daniele Togni will act as education coordinator to ensure the quality of the  didactical contents of our courses. Daniele Togni will contribute with his wealth of  expertise which he gained thanks to his educational background and clinical experience.  He received his master’s degree at the Donau University in Krems, Austria under the guidance of Prof. Slavicek. His education laid the foundation for successful integration of the VieSID concepts into his daily professional work.

As a VieSID senior faculty member, Daniele Togni has been actively involved in teaching the VieSID Basic Curriculum both in Vienna and through collaboration with international partners for numerous years. With his dedication to the educational principles of VieSID, Daniele has constantly contributed significantly to the growth of our School, and will now continue helping us by shaping educational strategies and supporting further development of the VieSID systematics and didactical materials.

We are confident that Daniele will continue to play a pivotal role within VieSID, contributing to its growth and success in the future, and we thank him warmly for his collaboration.