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Rapid developments in dental technical materials and the completely different methods of implementation present a considerable challenge to the adaptation mechanisms of the cranio-mandibular system, making strategic case planning with an interdisciplinary approach especially important. This needs a profound knowledge of the functional, structural and dynamic functions of the masticatory organ, as well as technical knowledge of modern materials and Technologies.

The Basic Curriculum is designed in particular for dentists and dental technicians who are looking for a comprehensive and well founded further education.

Theory lessons are in a joint group of dentists and dental technicians, whereas the hands-on exercises are different and individually designed to meet the different requirements of  both professional groups. The course contents focuses on aspects, functions and dysfunctions of the craniofacial system, based on the theses of Prof. Rudolf Slavicek's Vienna School of Interdisciplinary Dentistry.



Course Contents

This modular, comprehensive and intensive course offers theoretical and practical lessons, all in a well proportioned balance  throughout the 3 modules. The concept and the system of the course permit an immediate and easy implementation of the gained knowledge in the daily work of the participants.

With the support of Prof. Rudolf Slavicek and his team all participants will perform diagnosis, documentation and case planning for selected patient cases.

  •  overview of course contents and objectives
  •  Functional anatomyand physiology of the cranio-mandibular system
  •  Functions of the masticatory organ
  •  Structures of the craniomandibular system
  •  Cybernetics, feedback control system 
       --Structures: CMS, NMS, articulation
       --Functions: chewing, swallowing, speech, respiration, 
                         posture, esthetics,
  •  Stress Management
        --brain: soma, CNS, psyche
  •  Standardised case documentation
  •  Clinical photography
  •  Clinical functional analysis
  •  Wax occlusogram
  •  Brux Checker 
  •  Models
  •  Anatomic face bow
  •  Reference position
  •  condylar Registration with exact and anatomic hinge axis– incl. hands-on instructions
  •  Principles of condylographic interpretation
  •  Excentric Articulator Programming 
  •  Simulation and Evaluation of occlusion in the articulator
  •  Articulator mounting 
  •  Cephalometrics
  •  Anterior tooth diagnostics (incl.hand-on exercises)
  •  Condylar position measurement (CPM) (incl.hand-on exercises)
  •  Correlations in diagnostics
  •  Initial therapy 
  •  Principles of wax-up techniques
  •  Case documentation
  •  Summary and exam




Organised by: VieSID® Vienna School of Interdisciplinary Dentistry in cooperation with the Medical University of Vienna and the University Clinic of Dentistry Vienna. For more information contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


VC19-2 Module A (5 days)

10. Oct - 14. Oct 2019

  Module B (5 days)

16. Jan - 20. Jan 2020

  Module C (5 days)

25. Feb - 01. Mar 2021

VC20-1 Module A (5 days)

23. Jan - 27. Jan 2020

  Module B (5 days)

27. Jan - 31. Jan 2021

  Module C (5 days)

11. Mar - 15. Mar 2021

VC21-1 Module A (5 days)

08. Apr - 12. Apr 2021

  Module B (5 days)

17. Jun - 21 Jun 2021

  Module C (5 days)

27. Aug - 31 Aug 2021 

VC20-UA** Module A (5 days) 05. Mar - 09. Mar 2021
  Module B (5 days) 11. Feb - 15. Feb 2021
  Module C (5 days) 22. Apr - 26. Apr 2021
VC21-UA** Module A (5 days) 25. Mar - 29. Mar 2021
  Module B (5 days) 10. Jun - 14. Jun 2021
  Module C (5 days) 30. Sep - 04. Oct 2021
VC20-RU-1* Module A (5 days) 25. Feb - 29. Feb 2020
  Module B (5 days) 18. Feb - 22. Feb 2021
  Module C (5 days) 15. Apr - 19. Apr 2021
VC21-RU-1* Module A (5 days) 04. Mar - 08. Mar 2021
  Module B (5 days) 03. Jun - 07. Jun 2021
  Module C (5 days) 16. Sep - 20. Sep 2021

*course takes place in Vienna with simultaneous translation into russian.

**course takes place in Vienna and is held in ukrainian language.

(Dates subject to change)


Course fee:

VC20 Euro 7.200,--

Course Directors:

Univ.Prof. Dr. Eva Piehslinger, Dr. Elöd Úry, Dr. Daniele Togni, Prof. Dr. Rudolf Slavicek

Course language:

English, VC20-RU with simultaneous interpreting into Russian

Target group:

Dentists, dental technicians

No. of participants:

To guarantee intensive and effective lessons, the maximum number of participants has to be limited.

Hours of




After passing a final test the participant will be awarded a VieSID® Certificate in cooperation with Medical University of Vienna

(Subject to change)

University Clinic of Dentistry of the Medical University of Vienna, Austria


Further information about hotel accommodation nearby can be found at our Homepage.


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    VieSID enters liability after having received full payment.

    3. Course fees have to be paid promptly after receiving the invoice by bank transfer. The course fee includes all scripts, material and necessary equipment during the course lessons.

    4. The course fee does not include any travel and accommodation costs.

    5. Deregistration from a course may only be made in writing and lead to cancellation fees: In case of cancellation within 45 days prior to the start of a confirmed course,VieSID charges a fee of 20% of the total amount.In case of no-show without prior deregistration VieSID charges a fee of 20% of the total amount.

    6. In case the participant needs to rebook a module, a fee of 240.00.- Euro (including VAT) will be charged per module. However, VieSID does not guarantee the same teacher and content, nor does it guarantee that the course will be retaken.

    7. In case of a short-term cancellation of a course by VieSID, the participants will be informed promptly. For this reason, VieSID should be notified of a private telephone number. VieSID reserves the right to make alterations in the team of lecturers, change time or location of a course, postpone or cancel a course, and make changes to the course program. If VieSID cancels the course, the participant is entitled to a refund of the deposit paid.VieSID reserves the right to cancel or postpone a course due to not having reached the minimum number of participants until 2 weeks before the course date. Any further demands or indemnification claims are precluded. VieSID is not liable for any related costs arising from the cancellation.

    8. Photos of participants taken during the course may be used by VieSID for promotion purposes.

    9. These Terms and Conditions are governed by Austrian law and any legal disputes shall be settled by the Austrian courts having subject-matter jurisdiction.








Prof. R. SlavicekProf. Dr. Rudolf Slavicek

the term modern gnathology is inextricably linked with Prof. Rudolf Slavicek. Today the results of his scientific work form the basis for further scientif icstudies in dental medicine. Prof. Slavicek has worked and taught at many well-known universities and dental schools in Austria, USA, Asia and Europe.








Dr. E. Úry

Dr. Elöd Úry, MSc

Dr. Úry got his university degree in dentistry from Semmelweiss University of Medicine in Budapest (HU). He opened his private practice in 1996. He completed various postgraduate courses, received his MSc degree in Dental Sciences from Danube University in Krems (AT).
Since 2008 he has been member of the VieSID lecturers team.







BassettiDr. Nazzareno Bassetti, MSc

Dr. Bassetti finished his vocational formation as dental technician in 1982, in 1988 he received the degree in dentistry and dental prosthetics with high honors from the University of Sapienza in Rome (IT). He completed various continuing education courses in various branches of dentistry, as e.g. in 2002 a MSc degree and in 2007 the title Academic Expert from the Danube University in Krems (AT). In his private practice he deals with orthodontics, prosthetics, implantology and complex cases using a multidisciplinary approach.







CarmignaniDr. Alessandro Carmignani, DMD, PhD, MSc

Dr. Carmignani received his degree in dentistry, cum laude, from Pisa University in 1996, and made his PhD in Oral-Maxillo-Facial-Surgery, II University of Napoli in 2001 IT). In 2010 Certificate of Academic expert in Function and dysfunction of the masticatory system at Donau University Krems (AT). In 2014 he graduated Master of Science in Prosthetics, at Vienna University. Since 1997 private practice in his own dental office, limited to prosthodontics, periodontology and implantology.








Dr. Monica Casadei, MSc

Post graduate in Function and dysfunction of the masticatory organ from Vienna University (AT). International master degree in Orthodontics in craniofacial dysfunction at Donau-University Krems (AT). „Certified member of Italian board of Orthodontics (I.B.O.) since 2009 (IT). Founding member and director of A.I.G. (Italian Association of Gnathology). Translator of various books about orthodontics.







Dr. Kim Parlett, DDS., Msc

Dr. Parlett received his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Toronto in 1979 and completed his MSc from Danube University in 2004. He has a full time private practice in Bracebridge, Ontario (CAN). His practice is dedicated to TMD and Occlusion related rehabilitation. He was one of the first researchers publishing on MRI and Condylography (Dec. 1993 JPD 521-531). He has practised the Slavicek philosophy and been guided and mentored by Prof. Slavicek for more than 30 years.








Dr. Daniele Togni, MSc

Dr. Togni graduated at the University in Milan (IT) in 1988. in 2011 he graduated successfully from the postgraduate university course in Dental Sciences at Danube University Kresm. In his own practice he follows a holistic approach and he is conviced that good gnatohological knowledge is mandatory for patient treatment.
He joined the VieSID lecturer team in 2015.  




Graichen 225x150


DT Karin Graichen, MSc

Working as dental technician since 1990. For many years she owned a dental laboratory.
Various further education courses and postgraduate MSc in Dental Science for Dental Laboratory at Danube University Krems (AT).
Since 2004 giving lectures and trainings, teaching staff member in VieSID since 2008.





Thunert 225x250 144


Stefan Thunert, MSc

Stefan Thunert has been working in his own dental laboratory since 2000 and as a specialist for functional and aesthetical dental technology he follows the Slavicek system.  
He successfully passed the postgraduate Master of Science at the Danube Unviersity in Krems in 2011. He gives many lectures and courses, since 2014 as a member of the VieSID lecturer team.  







Dr. Diana Baddredin, MSc

Dr. Baddredin studied dentistry in Russia, Italy and Austria. Besides her Master of Science study. She belongs to the VieSID team of lecturers since 2014.





Dr. A. Saltykova


Dr. Anastasia Saltykova

Dr. Saltykova graduated at Moscow University (RU) and passed the postgraduate Master of Science at the Danube Unviersity in Krems. She worked as a scientific assistant at Danube University and since 2010 she has been working for VieSID.