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Rapid developments in dental technical materials and the completely different methods of implementation present a considerable challenge to the adaptation mechanisms of the cranio-mandibular system, making strategic case planning with an interdisciplinary approach especially important. This needs a profound knowledge of the functional, structural and dynamic functions of the masticatory organ, as well as technical knowledge of modern materials and Technologies.

The Basic Curriculum is designed in particular for dentists and dental technicians who are looking for a comprehensive and well founded further education.

Theory lessons are in a joint group of dentists and dental technicians, whereas the hands-on exercises are different and individually designed to meet the different requirements of  both professional groups. The course contents focuses on aspects, functions and dysfunctions of the craniofacial system, based on the theses of Prof. Rudolf Slavicek's Vienna School of Interdisciplinary Dentistry.



Course Contents

This modular, comprehensive and intensive course offers theoretical and practical lessons, all in a well proportioned balance  throughout the 3 modules. The concept and the system of the course permit an immediate and easy implementation of the gained knowledge in the daily work of the participants.

With the support of Prof. Rudolf Slavicek and his team all participants will perform diagnosis, documentation and case planning for selected patient cases.

  •  overview of course contents and objectives
  •  Functional anatomyand physiology of the cranio-mandibular system
  •  Functions of the masticatory organ
  •  Structures of the craniomandibular system
  •  Cybernetics, feedback control system 
       --Structures: CMS, NMS, articulation
       --Functions: chewing, swallowing, speech, respiration, 
                         posture, esthetics,
  •  Stress Management
        --brain: soma, CNS, psyche
  •  Standardised case documentation
  •  Clinical photography
  •  Clinical functional analysis
  •  Wax occlusogram
  •  Brux Checker 
  •  Models
  •  Anatomic face bow
  •  Reference position
  •  condylar Registration with exact and anatomic hinge axis– incl. hands-on instructions
  •  Principles of condylographic interpretation
  •  Excentric Articulator Programming 
  •  Simulation and Evaluation of occlusion in the articulator
  •  Articulator mounting 
  •  Cephalometrics
  •  Anterior tooth diagnostics (incl.hand-on exercises)
  •  Condylar position measurement (CPM) (incl.hand-on exercises)
  •  Correlations in diagnostics
  •  Initial therapy 
  •  Principles of wax-up techniques
  •  Case documentation
  •  Summary and exam




Organised by: VieSID® Vienna School of Interdisciplinary Dentistry in cooperation with the Medical University of Vienna and the University Clinic of Dentistry Vienna. For more information contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


VC21-ES*** Module A (5 days) 10. Sep - 14. Sep 2021
  Module B (5 days) 26. Nov - 30. Nov 2021
  Module C (5 days) 17. Mar - 21. Mar 2022
VC22-ES*** Module A (5 days) 06. Oct - 10. Oct 2022
  Module B (5 days) 01. Dec - 05. Dec 2022
  Module C (5 days) 02. Feb - 06. Feb 2023
VC22-1 Module A (5 days) 10. Mar - 14. Mar 2022
  Module B (5 days) 12. May - 16. May 2022
  Module C (5 days) 08. Sep - 12. Sep 2022
VC22-2 Module A (5 days) 01. Sep - 05. Sep 2022
  Module B (5 days) 17. Nov - 21. Nov 2022
  Module C (5 days) 12. Jan - 16. Jan 2023
VC22-RU* Module A (5 days) 15. Sep - 19. Sep 2022
  Module B (5 days) 09. Dec - 13. Dec 2022
  Module C (5 days) 16. Mar - 20. Mar 2023

*course takes place in Vienna in russian language.

**course takes place in Vienna and is held in ukrainian language.

*** course takes place in Vienna in Spanish language.

(Dates subject to change)


Course fee:

Euro 7.200,--

Course Directors:

Univ.Prof. Dr. Eva Piehslinger, Dr. Daniele Togni

Course language:

VC: English
VC-UA: Ukraine language
VC-RU: Russian language
VC-ES: Spanish language

Target group:

Dentists, dental technicians

No. of participants:

To guarantee intensive and effective lessons, the maximum number of participants has to be limited.

Hours of




After passing a final test the participant will be awarded a VieSID® Certificate in cooperation with Medical University of Vienna

(Subject to change)

University Clinic of Dentistry of the Medical University of Vienna, Austria


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    Wasserzeile 35, 3400 Klosterneuburg, Austria
    Phone: +43 (0)2243 21962
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