Vienna School of Interdisciplinary Dentistry

Education in Occlusion Medicine

board & faculty

Scientific advisory board and faculty

VieSID is cooperating closely with independent 

and internationally renowned scientists and experienced experts. These form the scientific advisory board and the faculty of VieSID. The coopereation is vital for the updating and the relevance of the study contents as well as the advancements of research results. 

This exchange guarantees

  • the discussion, editing and advancements of the scientific material
  • the sighting, classification and integration of new relevant developments and insights in interdisciplinary dentistry in the education program
  • the leadership and execution of scientific research
  • international quality assurance of all VieSID courses


Members of the scientific advisory board of VieSID

Univ.Prof. MR Dr. Rudolf Slavicek 
Prof. Dr. Sadao Sato, DDS, DDSc
Univ.Prof. DDr. Eva Piehslinger 


Members of the VieSID faculty

Dr. Heloísa Alves Proença, DDs MSc PhD      

Univ.Prof. DDr. Eva Piehslinger          

Dr. Miguel Assis, DDS MSc

Prof. Dr. Sadao Sato, DDS DDSc  

Dr. Cristian Basili, DDS PhD

ZA Wolfgang Seuser

Dr. Nazzareno Bassetti, CDT DDS MSc

Dr. Daniela Storino, DDS MSc

Dr. Alessandro Carmignani DMD, PhD MDSc           

Dr. Agnieszka Szygenda

Dr. Monica Casadei, MSc

Dr. Daniele Togni, MSc

Dr. Alejandra Londoño, DDS MSc

Dr. Elöd Úry, MSc

Ass.Prof. Dr. Helder Nunes Costa, PhD MSc

Dr. Iustina Verdes

Dr. Kim Parlett, DDS MS

DT Stephan Thunert

Dr. Alain Landry

Dr. Diana Badreddin

Dr. Heike Krämer

Dr. David Ovando

Dr. Joanna Chmielewska

Dr. Agnieszka Szygenda