Vienna School of Interdisciplinary Dentistry

Education in Occlusion Medicine



"I took a 3-year course on orthodontics with Prof. Sato. The course was splendid!
The course-program initiates a revision of the traditional basic concepts of orthodontics which are taught at medical schools.
This new, sometimes completely opposed view of solving diagnostic problems, has considerably broadened my knowledge and options in treatment of complicated cases. Moreover it allowed to reduce the duration of treatmendts significantly, which is crucial for my daily practice.

Thank you!"

Natalia Reshetnikova


"It would be an understatement to say, that the knowledge and skills I gained by completing the basic course by Prof. R. Slavicek and by adopting the concept created by Prof. S. Sato is unique.
Gaining knowledge of this particular approach reveals the secrets of the human nature and improves the comprehension of the functional importance and integrity of each single "screw" or each single "detail", be it a tooth, a muscle, a ligament, a joint or a bone structure.
Doubtlessly the knowledge gained from those courses lead to more questions but you nevertheless become a Doctor with a capital letter "D", i.e. a real doctor, who is able to realize and identify the essence of any defet of "the masticatory organ" an who is able to fix it."

Roman Polevoy



"The VieSID training courses helped me to move to a higher professional level in my practice. Complicated clinical cases have now become quite easy and apprehensible to me. I received answers to many complicated questions that seemed unresolvable to me befor this training."

Elena Loginova



"Thanks a lot to VieSID and Christian Slavicek for organizing such a unique and interesting event as a SummerSchool. The quality of the information provided and the organisation are always at the highest level."

Maria Thomas