Vienna School of Interdisciplinary Dentistry

Education in Occlusion Medicine



"I had the opportunity to attend this course in 2017 and I strongly recommend it. The knowledge, the experience, clarity and charisma of Drs. Miguel Assis and Alejandra Londono is  extraordinary. The clinical practice changes completely after this course, since I´m paying attention to many aspects that had no diagnostic relevance before."

Lina Uribe


"For me it has been an excellent learning experience. The teachings of the Vienna School of Occlusion Medicine come to complete my knowledge."

Genésio Rosani

"To me the VieSID Basic Curriculum has been a superb experience, regarding the importance of understanding all the functions of the masticatory organ, and above all, the usefulness of making a complete functional analysis, to understand the patient's dysfunctions, to be able to make a correct diagnosis and a successful treatment; specially when dysfunctional patients are coming to our praxis on a daily basis. Also, understanding how occlusion and TMD are so close related.

It was so wonderful to share with colleagues and teachers, who delivered their knowledge with patience and friendship."

Silvia Zubeldia


"I´m very happy and very pleades with the first module of VieSID and eager to start the second module. Everything is "Top Quality". I´ve learnt a lot and I want to continue learning from the best. My regards to great Prof. Slavicek."

Evelyn Osinsky


"My experience with VieSID Colombia has been totally satisfactory! the way of teaching form the VieSID teachers has been the best. They present in a clear and simple way the basis of Prof. Slavicek´s philosophy, which has changed my way of seeing, thinking and doing orthodontics. Moreover, this course gave me the opportunity to meet people from all over the world that share the same passion, from whom i´ve learnt a lot. Thank you for everything!! I hope to continue learning form all of you."

Laura Castellanos Giraldo


"To all my colleagues, friends and students, let me tell you what was the best investment of my life!
Being passionate about my job, I have taken many courses, but where all becomes truly interdisciplinary and I understood the holistic approach to the patient, was in my VieSID experience!! All the other courses were disconnected from each other and were incongruent.

It was challenging for me to find a place where formation would embrace occlusion, TMJ, orthodontics and the interaction with prosthodontics and lab-work in order to reach 100% of the objectives in a treatment plan. It took me a while to find this formation. If you are tired of searching, like I was, I would like to invite you, and all the dentists, orthodontists, prosthodontists and dental technicians, from my heart, to live the same experience and see the patient as one. So that our limit will not be the patient's limit!

I assure you that there will be a before and an after.

To my beloved teachers Alejandra and Miguel, wonderful persons, that knew how to make simple such complex themes, whom taught me how to diagnose TMD. Occlusion from a holistic point of view, "the patient has a whole".

My deepest thanks and respect to them, who exalt VieSID."

Serena Lee