Vienna School of Interdisciplinary Dentistry

Education in Occlusion Medicine


"The Slavicek philosophy I learned during VieSID Curriculum totally changed my approach to the treatment plans, it gave a global vision of the "masticatory organ" helping me to solve both simple and complex cases in an optimal way: even when I have to accept compromises they are always reasoned according to the schools´s teachings and my rehabilitations are more lasting and better tolerated by patienst.

Currently the application of the teachings of Prof. R. Slavicek´s school has been integrated in my daily routine."

Massimo Secchiari


"VieSID Italy has been extremely important in order to clarify the difficulty path of oral rehabilitaion. Despite the fact a deep dentistry specialization and knowledge brings many advantages, I strongly believe that a global vision and holistic approach is the way to succeed in defining a correct plane of treatment. This lesson given to all attendee the essential knowhow to formulate a correct diagnoses, that is the milestone of all medical treatments. I suggest it to all my colleagues that are looking for scientific answer to their questions: we found what we are looking for but research only what we know."

Andrea Milani