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Programm und Anmeldung Summer School 2016

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Wir freuen uns Ihnen das Programm der Summer School 2016 vorzustellen.

Datum: 20. - 24. Juli, 2016

Ort: Universitätszahnklinik Wien

Die Summer School richtet sich an alle Zahnärzte, Kieferorthopäden, Zahntechniker, u.ä., die mehr über Funktion und Okklusion lernen möchten und die an einem Treffen von Experten auf diesem Gebiet sowie an einem wissenschaftlichem Austausch interessiert sind. 
Der Titel des diesjährigen Programms lautet "Instrumentation in Occlusal Medicine". Dank Table Clinics, Poster Präsentationen und einem Dialog Forum wird die Summer Schoolheuer noch interaktiver.
Die Summer School wird von VieSID in Kooperation mit der Medizinischen universität Wien und der Universitätszahnklinik organisiert. 
Wir freuen uns darauf, Sie im Juli zu sehen.
Tag 1 : Mittwoch, 20. Juli 2016
VieSID & Dental Laboratory
Vorsitz: K. Graichen / S. Thunert
R. Slavicek (AUT) Opening Statement & Welcome
S. Thunert (GER) Bitejumpers - the easy way to change ICP to RP temporarily with acrylic overlays
K. Graichen (GER) Variations in functional pathway design
D. Reusch (GER) / S. Mizgiryte (LIT) Diagnostic Equilibration and Diagnostic Wax-up – Essential elements in successful case treatment 
Update in Occlusal Medicine
chair: JD. Orthlieb
M. Jaisson (FRA) Cad Cam: How to respect the basic principles of occlusion?
M. Soykher (RUS) Lower jaw anteposition when treating patients of the second class
P. Simeone (ITA) Risk factors, failure components and clinical implications in implant-prosthetic therapy: occlusal science & practice
J. Mangold (AUT) Pre-prosthetic Orthodontics in Severe CMD-Cases
JD Orthlieb / JP Ré (FRA) Oral parafunctions to contribute to gingival recessions, bony exostosis and dental abfractions
B. Gsellmann, A. Knaus (AUT) The 20 diagnostic steps: Gastein - revisited
Tag 2 : Donnerstag, 21. July 2016
VieSID & Full Denture
Vorsitz: N. Bassetti
N. Bassetti (ITA) The importance of the provisional in full dentures
L. Rubini (ITA) Functional impression in full dentures
D. Pandolfi (ITA) From free space to full denture
D. Reusch (GER) / S. Mizgiryte (LIT) Full denture and partial prosthetics - individually and esthetically
F. Sutton (ENG) Producing beautiful dentures with fantastic function
chair: E. Piehslinger
R. Slavicek (AUT) Logics and Importance of Brainstem Nerves in Diagnosis
S. Sato (JPN) The polyvagal theory and the bruxism - New insight of the masticatory organ
J. Türp (CH) Occlusal Splint Therapy – But what follows?
Tag 3 : Freitag, 22. Juli 2016
Differential Diagnoses in Clinical and Clinical-Instrumental Analysis
Vorsitz: D. Togni / E. Úry / K. Parlett
R. Slavicek / E. Piehslinger (AUT): Introduction of a contemporary witnesses
D. Togni (ITA): Hinge axis: the mandibular kinematics “key line” for a successful clinical-instrumental analysis
A. Landry (CAN): Method and Repeatability of condylography
E. Úry (HUN) - Relevance of Instr. Anaylsis & Articulator
G. Kobs (LIT) - Science and practice in instrumental analysis for patients with TMJ disorders
M. Soykher (RUS) Diagnostic capabilities of EMG systems in instrumental analysis
K. Tajima (JPN): The importance of instrumental Diagnostics in functional and dysfunctional cases
O. Ahlers (GER) Instr. analysis in functional oral rehabilitation
A. Landry (CAN) Condylogrphy: VieSID Standards in Condylographic interpretation
Chances and limitations of Orthodontic Treatment​
Vorsitz: S. Sato
H. Proenca (POR) The Link between Human, Cybernetic System, Treatment and Self-esteem
B. Barbierato (ITA) Phonetics and the future of Orthodontics: curing speech disorders
H. Kraemer (USA) “Joint related” vs “Tooth related” Dentistry based on Occlusion, Function & the Craniomandibular System: Predictable Interdisciplinary Treatment in Dysfunctional Patients 
Poster Exhibition  Friday-Sunday all day
19:30 Get-together dinner at HEURIGER
Tag 4 : Samstag, 23. July 2016
Chances and limitations of Orthodontic Treatment
Vorsitz: S. Sato
S. Sato (JPN) Roles of Occlusion Medicine in healthcare medicine
S. Aoki (JPN) Importance of occlusal plane control in orth-prosto combination treatment
N. Nakayama (JPN) How should we control bruxism grinding in occlusion treatement - a case report 
H. Yoshimi (JPN) The divergence of occlusal patterns play different roles in mediating the autonomic nervous reflex
M. Shinomiya (JPN) Concentrating the transferring the TRP - From the 1st examination day to the periodic checking up day
A. Shirasu (JPN) Morphologrical changes of the condyle according with Occlusal Treatment - CBCT analysis 
K. Kuribayashi (JPN) Functional approach in Class II High Angle case
N. Oppermann (BRA) The Utility Arch Biomechanics and its effects to anterior vertical dimension, mandible rotation and incisors aesthetic control
M. Casadei (ITA) Nothing is easy, nothing is impossible; new tools to treat severe malocclusions and reduce patients' cooperation
C. Savoldelli / A. Manière (FRA) Simulation of orthognathic surgery and numeric surgical guide
Poster Exhibition  Friday-Sunday all day
Day 5 : Sonntag, 24.Juli 2016
Table Clinics, je 50 min, 4 Wiederholungen
Vorsitz: C. Slavicek
S. Sato (JPN) TRP
R.Slavicek/K.Tajima (AUT/JPN) Manipulation in Condylography
X. Rausch-Fan (AUT) Rehabilitation of functional occlusion for periodontal patients with malocclusion
JD Orthlieb / JP Ré (FRA) Bruxism Management 
C. Basili (CL) Day-time Brux-Checker
A. Landry (CAN) Controlled Mandibular Repositioning ('Delta Y')
G. De'Luca (ITA) Leg length symmetry and TMJ
K. Bruhs (AUT) Temporomandibular joint: functional connections to the cervical spine and the shoulder girdle - treatment strategies (demonstration)
Complex Cases
chair: M. Greven
J. Mangold (AUT) : A 4 Premolar Extraction Case with Strong Cranio-Mandibular Disorders
F. Ogliara (ITA) The importance of inteceptive approach on the second class, clinical examples 
G. Reichardt (GER) TBD
N. Bassetti (ITA) TBD
N. Lopukhova (RUS) Prosthetic full mouth reconstruction (retreatment of the “dental tourism” consequence)
S. Herbricht (GER) Prosthetic rehabilitation in a Case of inherited multiple aplasia
Juan Arrango (COL ) TBD 
Poster Exhibition  Friday-Sunday all day
Tag 5 : Sonntag, 24. July 2016
12:00-13:00 LUNCH & LEARN Poster Präsentationen
B. Gsellmann, A. Knaus, J. Eder Austria (AUT) Bone reduction for prosthodontic rehabilitation of an edentulous jaw - unexpected but necessary 
S. Liu (CHN) Full dentition abrasive case restored with temporary onlay        
X. Shi (CHN) Digital Function Smile Design practice in a Class II full mouth reconstruction
Du Yang (CHN) Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment in initial therapy treating NMS patient               
A. Carmignani (ITA) Correlation between the occurrence of mandibular lateral translation in symmetric mandibular movements and different skeletal classes. A cephalometric and condylographic study
I. Cazacu (MD) Correlation of the inclination of the upper posterior and upper anterior occlusal planes with condylar displacement in different skeletal classes. A cephalometric and condylographic study
S. Cid (POR) Correlation of mandibular lateral translation (MLT) in symmetrical mandibular movements in condylograpy and MRI examination       
A. Jaenisch-Hoffmann (GER) Prevalence of retro-cranial condylar displacement in different skeletal classes  
V. Fala (MD) Implementation of functional design, using the occlusal concept "sequential disocclusion with canine dominance" in aesthetic restorative therapy, by direct method
K. Parlett (CAN) Occlusal Contact on the Mediotrusive (Balancing) Side 
D. Togni (ITA) New method to apply functional occlusal clutch                              
A. Hasegawa (JP)  Retrusiv barrier: Morphology and Function
K. Onodera / Y. Hayashi (JP) TBD       
Toru Takai / Koichi Sugimoto (JP) TBD       
M. Guyton / IDEA Study group (USA) TBD       
KoseiKai Group (JP) TBD                                      
C. Tago / N. Nakayama (JP)  TBD       
E. Úry (HUN), A. Aistleithner, T. Haberl (AUT) Virtual articulation process - method and accuracy        

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