Vienna School of Interdisciplinary Dentistry

Education in Occlusion Medicine

Keynote Seminare

Occlusion and Speech

mit Dr. Barbara Barbierato


Within Functional Dentistry, which deals with the relations among oral functions, dental occlusion and body posture, a lot of clinical research and therapeutic methods have been produced with regard to swallowing, breathing and tongue rest position. Although speech is a fundamental function performed by the mouth and definitely the most peculiar of the human being, its physiology has never been studied thoroughly due to ist high biological and philosophical complexity. Thanks to her double education in Dentistry and Speech Therapy, Dr. Barbara Barbierato has been able to make up a very complete and holistic vision on oral anatomo-physiology as well as reach a deep understanding of speech in relation to the dental occlusion and ist rehabilitation. According to a brand-new hypothesis, it’s possibile today for advanced dental practitioners capable of holistic full-mouth rehabilitations to manage and treat in their offices challenging speech pathologies like dyslalia, dysphonia and stuttering. Focused on the physiological relations between speech and dental occlusion, this seminar represents the necessary conceptual introduction for those specialists willing to enter the world of Dental Speech Therapy and play an active role in the diagnosis, prevention and cure of speech disorders.


1. Re-education of oral functions related to occlusal rehabilitation: practical and theoretical limits of the classical re-educational approaches

2. The concept of integrated oral functions and the theory of complexity

3. The challenge of understanding speech: speech, language, phonetics, phonology

4. Articulatory phonetics: philosophical and biological complexity

5. Functional anatomy of vowels and consonants production: the larynx and the vocal tract; phonation, voice, articulation, resonance

6. The articulatory organs: lips, tongue, velum, mandible, hard palate, alveolar process, teeth

7. From single sounds to words: coarticulation

8. Neurophysiology of speech: the sensory-motor circuit

9. Speech learning and speech motor control: feedback and feedforward

10. Speech proprioception: endodontic, periodontal and palatal receptors



1. Relations between articulatory phonetics and dental occlusion

2. Statics and kinematics of the tongue, mandible, lips, velum and the role of the skeletal articulatory organs

3. The physiological articulatory gestures in a perspective of oral functions integration

4. The concept of dental occlusion

5. Normality, physiology and pathology of dental occlusion

6. Malocclusion from a neurophysiological perspective

7. Functional requirements of the dental occlusion and the concept of affordance

8. The physiological centric occlusion

9. From physiology to reality: discussion and clinical applications in dentistry and speech therapy


Date:  30. Sep - 01. Oct 2017      

Lecturer: Dr. Barbara Barbierato

Venue: University Clinic of Dentistry Vienna, Sensengasse 2, 1090 Vienna

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